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    Your home is often the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. Would you buy a house and not insure it? Of course not. That’s why you wouldn’t move a house or building without insuring it either.

    And despite Advanced Moving and Riggings’ experience dating to the early 1950s, as well as having the most advanced structural lifting and moving technology in world, accidents and damage beyond anyone’s control can happen when moving or lifting a multi-ton building.

    The standard question from a structure owner to a mover is often,“are you insured?”

    The problem is that most home or structure owners don’t realize that ALL general liability policies include what’s called a “care, custody and control” exclusion. This means movers with ONLY a standard general liability policy have no insurance for their home or building while they are lifting or moving it.

    AMR carries an all-risk cargo insurance policy that covers any damage to a structure. The unique cargo coverage pays for direct physical loss or damage to covered property including buildings, houses, or structures. This includes the contents that you own, or that are property of others in your care, custody and control during the process of the move.

    Whether using AMR or not, be sure the mover covers all items under its care, custody and control – including vandalism and acts of God.